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Victoria Headdon, Gérante Compass Immobilier

“M. Crosbie FITCH a résolu des problèmes critiques avec le serveur de mon entreprise. Mon système informatique est en deux langues, français et anglais, ce qui n’a posé aucun problème pour M. FITCH. M. FITCH est très compétent, très patient et un vrai professionnel. Il m’a aidé très rapidement, fondamental quand il y a un problème informatique qui pourrait avoir des conséquences grave pour une entreprise. Je recommande ses services sans la moindre hésitation.”

Ray Graham, Director Motionmex

“Crosbie Fitch helped select and install a server for our business and has provided us with a daily monitoring service for the last four years. He is reliable and responsive, he is always at the end of a phone when I have problem, and most importantly, he is exceedingly good value for money.”

Fiona King, Owner Kingsline Kennels

“I had lost my web site due to an unreliable host and Crosbie Fitch quickly and successfully rescued the site content from cyberspace limbo and advised about and arranged re-hosting and future security. A most helpful and efficient service.”

Anne Dickens, Director Spotty Dog Ltd

“Crosbie Fitch IT Services keeps my business running. I turn to him for all hardware and software advice and upgrades, and on a day to day basis for trouble shooting and problem solving.”


Marion and Edward Woolley, Mas D’auvignon, Gers, France

“We had so many problems with our old computer – no doubt our fault! – with pop ups and other nasties. Like so many of us we kept putting off the inevitable but it became much worse and eventually unusable. We acquired a new laptop and asked Orange to test the live box which was faulty so that was changed. Armed with the new Windows 8 laptop (help), the live box, the old laptop and discs for the printer and a camera we delivered the lot to Crosbie. He cleaned the old laptop, transferred the data as required to the new laptop and put the old one back to factory settings. He set up the new laptop, connecting it to the live box, installing security and the discs and printed full instructions for us. He also gave a lesson when we collected everything and was on the end of the phone when we were mystified over one or two things. All in all – PERFECT. Thank you Crosbie.”

Mr & Mrs Thomas, Mielan, France

“Have you ever been driven to despair when your computer won’t work? Ever thought there was only one place your broken computer was headed? Then call Crosbie; he is your man. Crosbie is so skilled, quick and reasonably priced. More to the point he keeps our ancient computer working well. He keeps us sane so what more can we say. Would recommend him without any hesitation.”

Peter Middleton, Redbridge, UK

“A virus invaded my laptop and I asked Crosbie Fitch to sort it out for me. Not only did he produce a simple list of step by step instructions to get rid of it, he did it on the same day! Great service.”

Richard Turner, Glynde, UK

“I acquired a second hand computer which was not in a useable state when I got it. Crosbie Fitch cleaned up the hard disk, loaded the software I required, set up my e mail account and internet access, and finally got me into the computer age!”

Malcolm Binney, Little Chart, Kent, UK

“My laptop had a ‘blue screen’ and I could not get it to work at all. Crosbie Fitch diagnosed that it was a graphics card problem and that it was a known fault. He advised that the manufacturers should be requested to replace the graphics card. As a result of this intelligence, the manufacturers came out at my request and replaced the card without further ado.”

Crosbie Fitch

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