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IT services for the small business

A reliable, responsive and expert service

Installation, configuration, fault diagnosis

  • Hardware, e.g. hard drives, memory, graphics cards, etc.
  • Software, e.g. operating systems, desktop applications, etc.
  • Networking, wired & wireless, ADSL modems & routers

Remote server monitoring

  • Daily review of e-mailed server alert logs with attention as and when needed
  • Review and installation of MS software updates to server
  • Informing client of matters requiring their attention or advice
  • On call for server related technical support (charged at hourly rate)

Training and assistance

I provide one-to-one, unstructured tuition for both technical and non-technical staff in:

  • Word processing: MS Word
  • Spreadsheets: MS Excel
  • Programming: C, C++, C#, PHP

Such tuition can also be goal oriented and combined with technical assistance.

Crosbie Fitch

IT at Home

Small Business