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Payment Options

  • Small IT support tasks are charged at 40€ per hour.
  • Administrative tasks undertaken at home are charged at 20€ per hour of attendance.
  • For indeterminate multi-day work, I’d suggest a mutually agreeable day rate.
  • Contract and project work can be negotiated accordingly.
  • Remote monitoring fees are utilisation dependent, e.g. one day per month per 5 users.

Ways of procuring my services

I am entirely flexible and responsive to your needs

  • Ad hoc – Service as required.
  • Freelance – Several hours or days of development work, typically off-site.
  • Monitor – Low intensity, remote, off-site monitoring.
  • Contract – 3-6 month periods of continuous development work.
  • Consultancy – Days for in depth, face-to-face discussion, analysis, and advice.

A contribution to diesel costs will be charged for journeys over 25km @ 5€ per 25km.

Crosbie Fitch

IT at Home

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