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Résumé · Monday November 29, 2010 by Crosbie Fitch

With an R&D software engineering background I am a generalist with extensive C++ experience obtained in the field of 3D graphics, currently developing data-driven PHP front-end web applications and C# trading system back-ends on a Windows IIS/.NET platform with MySQL and MSSQL databases.

Current Activities

I am currently developing the 1p2U.com website which is a demonstration of The Contingency Market – a web service I’m developing. The Contingency Market enables all manner of contracts, deals, or contingent exchanges to be made based upon the outcome of publicly visible events. 1p2U demonstrates its use to enable a blogger’s readers to sponsor their writing at the rate of a penny per article (as it appears in their RSS feed). This is an entrepreneurial venture of mine to demonstrate a business model of exchanging intellectual work without relying upon the now ineffective monopoly of copyright.

1p2U is developed as a PHP/MySQL plug-in to the MediaWiki CMS (used by WikiPedia).

The Contingency Market is a C#.NET webservice exposed via a SOAP api it is based on the MS SQL database.

Employment – Permanent/Contract

Sep 2005-Mar 2006 RebosInc (online games) – Software Engineer
Sep 2004–Mar 2005 BetLink (betting) – Software Engineer
May 2001–Mar 2003 Qube Software (3D graphics/games) – Senior Software Engineer
Oct 2000–Mar 2001 Computer Artworks (3D networked games) – Technical Lead
Apr 2000–Sep 2000 Acclaim Studios (3D console games) – Head of Tools & Technologies
May 1997–Mar 2000 Pepper’s Ghost Productions (3D networked games, 3D animation) – Senior Software Engineer
Sep 1996–May 1997 Cinesite (3D movie special effects) – Senior Software R&D Engineer
Apr 1995–Sep 1996 Argonaut Technologies (3D graphics) – Software R&D Engineer
Nov 1994-Feb 1995 Transcendent (MMOGs) – Software R&D Engineer
Oct 1994-Nov 1994 Climate Changer Computing and ConcessionairesSoftware Engineer
Apr 1986-Oct 1994 Institute for Employment StudiesSoftware Engineer
May 1984-Apr 1986 BeebugsoftSoftware Engineer

Software produced

Although I’ve contributed to many and various software projects over the years, there’s only one software application I could claim as having produced from design to release, and that’s Maestro: a music score editor supplied with Acorn’s Archimedes micro-computer. I wrote it in BASIC in the first half of 1987. Screen shot here

Web sites developed

My websites:
A few of the sites I’ve put together for others:


Aside from blogging at Digital Productions, I’ve written a few other things elsewhere over the years:

Mar 2003 – Plan B: The Bedroom Coder’s Business Model, Develop Magazine (draft)

“Your work on The Bedroom Coder’s Business Model is inspirational to me. Among others’, it has inspired me to work toward building a business of some sort based on writing free games instead of proprietary games.”

2002 – Reviewed two books for Game Developer Magazine, June issue.

Jun 2001: Proksim (now Quazal) NetZ Review

2000-2002 – Series of articles in Gamasutra

1999 – Proceedings of VSMM99

1996 – In-house publication for Argonaut: “The BRender Technical Reference Manual”

1994 – Articles in EXE: Shannon-Fano compression, C++ Reference counted values, Use of #include in large C++ projects

1988 – Articles in RISC User: “Develop your own drum machine”


Oct 1982-Apr 1984 Sussex UniversityBSc Engineering 90%/Computer Science 10% – 5 terms
Sep 1980-Jun 1982 Lewes PrioryThree A levels & Two O levels
Oct 1979-Jun 1980 RingmerFour O levels


Leisure Activities

Crosbie Fitch

IT at Home

Small Business